Welcome to ElderOptions Geriatric Care Management and Consulting. We specialize in assisting families and their older loved ones in meeting their current and future care needs. We help you clarify your situation, and guide you toward the best support solutions. We find care that meets your budget, and gives you and your older loved ones peace of mind.













In a short-term consult or through an extended Plan of Care, ElderOptions geriatric care managers respond quickly and thoughtfully, to your concerns. We address your needs proactively, minimizing crises and emergency situations. We draw from our network of the best specialists in the cities of Chicago and New York, and set up a system of monitoring and ongoing guidance to ensure that your older loved one is well cared for. If you need legal or financial assistance, we can refer you to our trusted colleagues who have extensive experience in dealing with eldercare issues.

With ElderOptions, a consultation begins with an in-depth assessment. We’ll get to know you and your loved ones to help you determine goals for aging. Some of our clients prefer to age at home, and some prefer a move to an alternative living arrangement. We’ll guide you through the process to help you determine your options, and then get you set up with a plan that meets your needs.

At ElderOptions Geriatric Care Management and Consulting, no family is too complicated. We can help your family clarify priorities and sort out multiple opinions on “what is best” and “what is necessary,” creating a plan that works for each situation. As needs change, we’ll update and re-assess the plan, and move your loved ones through the stages of aging using the most comfortable and sensitive approach.